STOCKBRIDGE POLICE DEPARTMENT is a newly emerged government authority established in late 2021. As they gear up for their first fully operational year, they have asked me to provide some pieces of graphic design to aid them in attract new hires, targeting the younger generation to help bring the community together. 

Recruiting Graphics & Patch Edit

Two graphics developed to attract new hires. The first is on the left/top and the second on the right/bottom. Stockbridge provided all the copy text they wanted. 

One thing you may have noticed is that the patches are slightly different from each other on both graphics. After the initial graphic was released, the PD asked me to fix their path for them and make the Laurel Wreath wrap around the sigil and other slight modifications. The patch on the right (or bottom) is the official patch of the Stockbridge Police Department for years to come. It is a small detail, but I am proud to have contributed a small part of something that will remain on this department’s visual brand.

Challenge Coin

It seems every governmental agency has/needs a challenge coin. Whether they are a police department, firefighter, in any branch or squadron in the military, all of them use a challenge coin to help distinguish themselves from the other’s by presenting their values and motives on the two sides of the same coin.

Some agencies may request elaborate designs, some may want a simpler approach. 

Note: Stockbridge is still waiting on their first production sample.

Community Outreach Flyers

Stockbridge PD hosts community outreach events to better connect with the people of Stockbridge. 

Swearing-In Ceremony Program

Weeks before the PD begins their public service, they still need to swear in those who desire to serve for Stockbridge. This program was put together to document and celebrate those who will be serving the public. 

This program sheet was designed and formatted in Adobe InDesign using the various amazing typographic tools at hand. Sized at 11(5.5 folded) x 8.5 Standard US letter.

A Small Part of History