Digital To Analogue

The goal for this project was to choose a video game and create a board game based on said video game. During this project, we went through rigorous playtesting so the games would remain not only playable, but also enjoyable. During the process of creating this board game, I learned about game theory, strengthened my branding skills, and also became much more confident in my abilities as a designer. Game design made me much more thoughtful about how I approach design as a whole and made me appreciate how well thought out other mediums of design are. 

Box Art

My first idea would have been to showcase an epic battle that we would normally see in the video game. This proved to be difficult when I could not find decent quality images online. Instead I opted to showcase the one part of the game we wouldn’t get to see while playing the analogue version of this game. Conceptualized and mocked up in Photoshop.

Instructions Booklet

Brochure style manual. Made in Indesign using a grid system to maintain hierarchy.

Character Cards

Playable character cards. These would be used in game on standee bases. Front and back side of the cards are shown for stats and damage values. 

In Game Currency

This game called for in game currency to buy assets like other titans and pilots. They are based off of the in-game CREDITS that we use to purchase cosmetic items. 

Burn Cards

Burns are used in this game to create a sense of unpredictability when drawn from the stack. They can either help or harm whoever draws them. 

Game Board

Players must capture all four points in the corners of the board to win the match.