Myers Briggs Social App

This was my senior exit show project at UWG. The idea behind this project stems from a possible difficulty it would be to make friends after school and college. After college I feel that many people will be set in their ways making it difficult to find people that I mesh well with. My app can be a possible and necessary solution to avoid the action of trial and error when it comes to meeting and making new friends. Using the Myers Brigg Type Indicator along with a common interest, my app groups people together by pursuing compatible traits and rejecting the incompatible ones. 

An example of my research would be Jamie Hyneman (ISTJ) and Adam Savage (ENTP). In the show it seems like these guys are great friends behind the curtain, but as most know they can’t stand each other. It also turns out that their presumed personality types are incompatible. Crazy, huh?


This is a prototype. You do not need to fill out any forms. Just click anywhere and the buttons that glow will guide where you can go and explore!