This is the House, You Get What You get

An unbathed, bad acid trip was what I wanted viewers of this poster to feel when they take a look at it. The absurdity and inanity of the mannerisms of the antagonistic characters were what helped fuel the madness in this poster.

Starve the Ego, Feed the Soul

This poster was an attempt connect this musical group’s current style back into its old L.A. hip hop roots that they originally used in their first appearances back in the later 2000s. This effect was achieved by creating a custom logomark that would reflect the their earlier persona while the grayscale color palette and other elements would refract the custom mark into their current style. 

Butter My Udder?

Generic ice cream shop poster to use on UWG’s campus for a local small family owned business. 

Vernacular Type Experimentation

A non-identifying poster created using vernacular typography; typography captured from the world that surrounds us. Ambiguous imagery was used to instill feelings of dread.

Don't Take Her Toys

Urban Legend poster based off of Gracie Watson’s tombstone story. Visitors can leave gifts for Gracie at her tombstone, but if a visitor were to remove a gift from her tombstone, she would cry tears of blood. 

This poster follows this legend. but ensues a sinister twist.