Life does not look like this, but it may feel like this. 

The Goal:

to exaggerate reality

As much as I like to work on creating fictional and stylized sceneries, something like this may look quite basic. But this is not basic. This whole scene has been composited together with numerous assets to create a cohesive dramatic landscape to bring the feeling of Good Friday to life. 

Main Assets Used

Main assets used in the composite, aside from lens effect overlays and adjustment layers, these images were the backbone of the project. 

Pre Adjustment

Here’s the basic usage of assets. Major actions made would have been: to mask, duplicate, and liquify the grassy hill –  to mask the cross – and to mask and liquify the cloth to wrap around the cross.

During this stage I was simultaneously adding image adjustment layers to build the image. This image is just to show some complexity.

Post Adjustment

After adding adjustment layers, lighting affects, color edits, and typography, this is the final design/artwork. 

I felt this design needed to have a stark appearance. Something close to the feeling Steven Spielberg’s War of the Worlds felt like, but with a more hopeful feeling color palette. Utilizing the coolness of the sky, and the arm of the ground receiving the light from the sun that peaks through helps evoke that hopeful feeling that should be felt on this day.