Dragons and Revelations

A 12 Week Study on the Book of Revelation.

These designs are among my absolute favorite technical pieces I've ever put together.

Using vector and 3D assets on Envato, UnSplash, Pixabay, and other stock photo sites helped this piece come alive. 

Although the elements in these designs look consistent with each other, each of them looked very different upon the start of the project. See unedited assets on the bottom of this page. 

Each asset had to undergo a rigorous transformation. Most notably the blue dragon and the mountain it posts on. Applying an engraving effect by creating an engraving pattern, applying an oil paint filter multiple times, and finally liquifying the background mountains to shape the visual landscape. On the poster I had to paint in the rest of the wing as the asset was missing it. Due to the nature of the non-destructive effect, I was able to paint in the wing without any further tweaks to the engraving effect. 

The Reset logo was redone to resemble a rope and harpoon, which resembles the imagery behind it. Finished off with proper use of a copperplate styled font, the elements come together as one cohesive unit. 

Reset: A 12 Week Bible Study in Revelation - Poster
Reset: A 12 Week Bible Study in Revelation - Screen
Live use of the graphic.

Unedited Assets