Posters This is the House, You Get What You get An unbathed, bad acid trip was what I wanted viewers of this poster to feel when they take a look at it. The absurdity and inanity of the mannerisms of the antagonistic characters were what helped fuel the madness in this poster. Starve the Ego, […]

Album Covered from a Shared Pool of Images

Album Cover From Shared Pool of Images This premise for this project was to create and album cover like Oliver Vaughn would, which is to use random images and manipulate them to supply a sort of meaning to them in response to the music in the album. I had to choose from a limited amount […]

Myers Briggs Social App

Myers Briggs Social App This was my senior exit show project at UWG. The idea behind this project stems from a possible difficulty it would be to make friends after school and college. After college I feel that many people will be set in their ways making it difficult to find people that I mesh […]

Digital to Analogue

Digital To Analogue The goal for this project was to choose a video game and create a board game based on said video game. During this project, we went through rigorous playtesting so the games would remain not only playable, but also enjoyable. During the process of creating this board game, I learned about game […]

Bain Dental Group Print and Digital

BAIN is a dental group that is based in three separate locations in Carroll County. They sought to expand their customer base through marketing and advertising throughout the area and online. I produced content for them through my internship at RedCube Creative. Billboard Photo-composite Design My favorite of the few billboards I have put together […]